When they crackle and glow!!! – to warm the body as well as the heart!! And, it seems these feeling are quite universal!!

There is nothing more heart warming than a fire crackling in the hearth, offsetting the chill of cool evenings as autumn descends on our beautiful lake Simcoe region.

My latest article for Lake Simcoe Living offers some insight about our connection to the “burning of an indoor flame”, and even offers some insight as to why some anthropologists actually believe that our kinship to hearth and home has been etched into our DNA.

So, if having a fireplace in your home is important to you…. You might just want to find out why by having a read through Hearth Warming, not to mention picking up some tips to ensure you get your best version of one of today’s interior “champions of the heart”.

Written by Irene Turnbull

Published by Lake Simcoe Living