Glassifaction: A Big Answer to A Backsplash Dilemma in a Kitchen Update

"Please please tell me there is more to a backsplash than tumbled marble, or ceramic and glass tile for a sophisticated update for my tired country kitchen" Laura pleaded.

I want to give "my domain" as Chief of Culinary in our house a bit of sparkle while I carry out my labours of love preparing meals for my family and friends."

Nothing is more important to Walter and Laura than sharing warm hospitality with loved ones over a great meal and with their open concept kitchen-dining area in their by-the-lake home, they have plenty of company throughout the season to ensure they meet their goal. And lucky me, I got Laura's call for help.

While many "decorators" may not have approach this challenge the same way – I quickly recognized the value in the workmanship in their "old" handmade country kitchen cabinetry. In fact, we added a custom range hood to match a few years prior. What's more, I knew they really liked their aged pine and definitely did not want to get into replacing cupboards. It was the appliances that needed a little updating as of course did the countertop and backsplash.

So our walk through choice overload began. First of all, we had to come to terms with the on-goiBlogbloBng market-driven debate between the value of natural stone vs engineered countertop surfaces. Laura like so many other clients had been the victim of one-sided marketing which neglected to present all the facts. (You can get more info about this subject at: .) In this case that meant granite vs. engineered quartz. So, I took Laura to see for herself what was available in the marketplace and provided her with the "straight goods" on the qualities of each.

For Laura it was "love at first sight" when we found the granite slab that "touched her heart". She connected with the beauty of the stone and there was no turning back. Now we could address the backsplash. There was no question that Laura had "had it" with grout lines and she was looking for simple, serviceable, and chic. I suggested solid painted sheet glass. Laura was excited to learn that such a solution even existed since most of what she had been exposed to was some variation of tile.

We moved forward to have glass samples prepared for her, focusing on the silver highlights in her Volga blue granite to accent. Sheet glass is an amazing option to work with. It can be matte or polished finish and the textures and colour range and design applications are limited only by the designer's imagination. In this case, we played on the reflective quality of the glass's surface to give depth perception and enhanced illumination to our ground texture. The installation of course requires an expert and fortunately for us, this is "all in our family" with son Rand and his custom specialty business Refraction Glass. We are well connected with the best in the industry as far as supply and install is concerned which allows our design talents to soar.

From this.....(Before)

To this with new look - Tile replaced with Volga Blue granite behind stove
and custom painted glass under cabinets

So, if you ask Laura & Walter what they think of their kitchen now – with the sparkle of their custom granite countertops and silver metallic backsplash highlighed with their new undercounter (xenon) Zee Lites and cabinetry matched light valance... here is what you will here: "We just love our kitchen!... It's easy to keep sparkling and it makes us feel good everyday!..and we are telling everybody"!