Written by Irene Turnbull

Published by Our Homes Magazine

When it Comes to Choosing Countertops

Surface Matters

You know, one of the great things about the interior design business is also one of its biggest curses!!!

On one hand we're blessed with what seems unlimited choice in products for our homes with wonderful options for everyone in every "snack bracket", but at the same time, this abundance in options becomes as onerous as shovelling through our mid-winter snow drifts!!! At least with the snow, we know it will eventually disappear and in the meantime we can decide to shovel or snowblow or simply hire someone to do it for us.

When it comes to countertops it is not so easy!! They've become a central showpiece in our homes but to source them we must rely on a system of supply that's market-driven by price and advertising savvy. What's frustrating for us in the trade who want to deliver with integrity and lasting performance, is that all too often marketing hype is misquoted as fact. There's hardly a fortnight that passes these days that someone doesn't come to me with preconceived beliefs about countertops - particularly natural stone that are completely false, because they've been "sold" on a competitive product, by clever marketing.

In my recent article for Our Homes Summer 2011, I've attempted to weed through some of the facts and fallacies that many of you are facing, so that you might make better choices for yourself.

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