Irene's on a Personal Mission

Have you ever visited a place and wondered “what were they thinking when they put this décor together?” Or even worse, have you ever asked yourself “what on earth got into me; I can’t imagine what was in my mind when I picked this?” Or how about choosing colour – did you actually get it right the first time or are you still wondering why the colour on that perfect little paint chip has turned into your worst nightmare? And, Why do I feel like this?

Let me tell you, it’s a “loaded” question I ask every day of the people I help with their interior projects….with a little paraphrasing mind you, and certainly not from a judging or critical point of view, but one of fact-finding. Without a shadow of a doubt, I can tell you that the secret to ensuring the overwhelming decorating success that our clients repeatedly enjoy and have attested to for the past 25 years, has more to do with the “How Do I Feel” question, than any technique you can find in a decorating “how to” book.

You see, interior design and decorating is not an exacting science….. Oh, there are those who would have you believe otherwise, but the truth is it exists as a profession because there is a need among human beings to nest and find comfort in their surroundings. These days, with everything from glossy magazines to quirky television shows, to the latest in home fashions someone is capitalizing on these needs.

I’m not suggesting that we professionals in the interior design business don’t have real value. Thankfully I wholeheartedly believe we do. With knowledge of colour, form, solid product training and an understanding of principles that have evolved over time, a qualified designer or decorator can predict results of possible combinations of choice with a high degree of accuracy. For instance, how to use contrast to achieve emphasis; or how to create floor plans and arrange furniture so that an easy traffic flow results… or how to develop a colour scheme; all useful and valuable skills for any interior project.

However, contrary to a sometimes too popular belief, there is no “ decorating book of magic” or “one size fits all solution” , or “crystal ball of colour” in this complicated world of consumer choice, so for many, the degree to which you are satisfied with your home’s interior remains a bit of a game of chance in many instances especially when it comes to colour choice. There is no guarantee that in the end even though the results might be visually pleasing and technically well thought out, that you will actually be happy with your choices, and the risk gets even higher that you won’t when it comes to colour. In the end, it is your answer to the question “how do I feel” that holds the measure of your success.

But it just doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, I’m on a personal mission to bring some sensibilityback to the world of interior design and decorating. So I decided to put my knowledge where my pen was (or rather my computer keys), to share some the leading edge information which I think will transform your decorating success quotient from a “game of chance” to a “sure bet”. Since Colour is by far the most challenging aspect of decorating, I developed my new ebook Colour Sense-abilities, Decorating Mysteries Revealed, to bring some light to the subject. (The pun is intended.)

This is not another colour consultation book, or psychological categorization of personality types or colour marketing tool, but rather a comprehensive review of how we really perceive colour and its impact on our lives, together with sound recommendations for applying this knowledge, so that you can be truly happy in your space.