Real Life Window Treatment Decorating Tips

When I visited the MacTier Public Library for the first time, I was taken by how people-friendly and architecturally pleasing this rural Musoka attraction is.

Designed as a replica railway station, it sits in the exact location where the one-time busy original station served the community in the days of train commuting.

The Task

I was called upon to offer solutions for blocking the bright south & west sunshine from getting into the eyes of children during story-telling time, and restricting the viewing of computer screens when it flooded through the windows in the mid to late afternoons, without loosing the warmth and cheerfulness it brings. A simple enough task one would think!!!

My Assessment

Eight of the eleven windows have arched transoms at the top and most are recessed about 12" There is also a block of three rectangular windows grouped together in one recessed area centred in the middle of the room between two arched windows. While the obvious answer was to plunk an operable blind of some sort over the glass, a neat inside installation would visually cut the window in two. There is no such thing as a curved retractable blind, so the transom would be exposed still allowing the sun in through the top. To mount blinds above the arch outside the window would spoil the integrity of the arched design. In addition, the block of three rectangular windows looked a little disconnected from the design of the arched windows.

The Turnbull Solution:

Simple, upholstered valance boxes templated to follow the curve of the window, mounted outside and above the arch to conceal an operable sunscreen blind which when lowered gives full shading while allowing outside viewing. The integrity of the curved architecture is further enhanced with the decorative valances custom-tailored in a combination of room co-ordinating suede and woven fabrics, bordered with a row of large decorative "nail heads" to accentuate the curve and connect to the "railway" theme. The rectangular windows were given the same treatment giving the illusion that they too are arched.

The result: A perfect balance of function and ambience!!

Irene's Comments

All of us at Turnbull Interiors loved working on this project. While it looks simple, our skills in design, product knowledge and workroom craftsmanship were all utilized, and what's more, we are proud to have been able to contribute to the great community service that the MacTier Public Library offers. Thanks to MacTier Public Library CEO and Board of Directors for trusting us to help.