Surface Matters and Compatibility is Key

The road of life is rarely seamless, so we generally sport a watchful eye to avoid the routine bumps and crannies that make our journey more arduous. We’re aware of everyday irregularities because we have a sense of what makes a smooth ride in the first place.

Cabinetry by Turnbull Interiors/ Photo courtesy John Lawlor

But when it comes to home makeovers, the nuances which render interior design projects excellent, are often so significantly invisible to homeowners that they can virtually go unnoticed – that is - until we’re blind-sided by the totally unexpected.

Whether managing a small decorating project or a large renovation, success is always in the details, and while access to global product may seem endless, knowledge about how to fabricate, integrate, and install the wide array of materials required to complete even the simplest of jobs, can in the end overwhelm the inexperienced and unaware.

It doesn’t matter whether you are making draperies; upholstering a chair; or renovating a bathroom, the success of the finished product depends upon the wise selection of fabrication materials; specified appropriately for their end use to be properly integrated with all the other materials and components required to do the job.

Surface materials vary hugely in functional adaptability and are rarely instantly compatible one to another. It takes a huge amount of knowledge including familiarity with materials composition, specifications and standards; and fabrication and installation methods, to be able to properly access the correctness of product for end use.

And while technical standards exist for most surface materials used in home building today, compliance all too often remains voluntary and as such, is frequently overlooked by those who should know better. When is the last time anyone actually pulled out a specification sheet to compare your needs with the compliance standards of the product they were showing you? I’d be willing to bet most product purchases are influenced by sales & marketing claims – which may or may not be appropriate – and driven by price and appearance. “But the bitter taste of a poor quality lingers long after the sweet taste of a cheap price” and when it comes to home renovation and décor – poor value can be costly.

The time has come to pay attention. The influx of materials from every corner of the globe while impressive at first glance may look the same – but as many frustrated consumers can attest – “not all that glitters is gold or diamonds”. Substandard product results in huge unnecessary costs not only in terms of short term materials replacement, but it also jeopardizes the ability of even the most skilled trades people to deliver quality finishes, and of course ends up burdening our already strained landfills.

So, I’ve decided to take action - My own personal campaign to bring credible product information to you has resulted in a new Blog Series – I’m calling, Surface Matters which will ultimately be followed by a series of E-books to help with those important purchases that simply help you Feel Good in Your Home.I really hope you will take part in the conversations as they move along and look forward to your questions and comments.