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What's Been Sleeping In Your Bed?

An Under Cover Report!

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What you can't see just might surprise you!!!

Too often as consumers we simply assume that if it 'looks like a duck' and it's labelled to be a duck, it's probably a duck'! But, nothing could be farther from the truth when it comes to numerous interior decorating and home furnishing products - especially when the things that really matter most are invisible to us.

Such is the case with many of the down & feather products we're increasingly seeing infiltrate our home decor marketplace, where we're finding all too often, that encouraged by a never ending demand for cheap product, some manufacturers appear to be engaged in various deceptive trade practices which you really need to be aware of if you're considering purchasing duvets & pillows to sleep with, and for that matter - upholstered cushions and decorator pillows. And of course, outerwear is a whole other side of this problem. Needless to say the majority of concern is with imported Asian goods which now dominate market sales.

Lucky for us though, Canada is rated as one of the best and most credible producers of down & feather products in the world. Our standards are high from the farm gate to the end product store shelf... These products are carefully regulated under Federal & Provincial Agricultural and Consumer Labelling laws that are very specific and rigorously enforced, which of course is in everyone's best interest. But it's becoming evident that not all manufacturers play by our rules which is a huge concern not only because bad product is a financial rip-off but because it poses health & safety risks which put an extreme burden and raise the 'buyer beware' caution' for consumers.

Independent lab tests commissioned by the Down Association of Canada as a result of it's ongoing retail product investigations have uncovered all kinds of mislabeled and misrepresented consumer goods that are destined for naive purchasers. Working with the Competition Bureau of Canada which is the agency responsible for Canadian Labelling Act enforcement has resulted in numerous product recalls and cease sales orders... however it's but a drop in the bucket to what's being flaunted in the marketplace in an increasingly competitive world and while you might be very surprised to see who shows up on the "bad actors" list - the infractions are even more shocking. Everything from cheating on fill quantity, to simply substituting synthetic fill or adding it and/or other plant matter to the contents and right out lying about the labelled contents, including inferior product that does not meet performance standards as a result of poor production practices and premature harvesting of waterfowl.

Fortunately for us in Canada however we do have credible help when it comes to product education & legitimate product identification... and it starts right here...

You can follow my Interior Decorating-Buying Tips for Down & Feather Pillows which appears in the November/December issue of Lake Simcoe Living Magazine.

DownmarkAnd you will also find terrific information about our Canadian Down & Feather Industry and its products from the experts at the Down Association of Canada. When shopping, you can recognize Canadian approved product when it carries this downmark.... and you should definitely be aware of product that violates our laws.. and cheats you from the absolutely fabulous benefits of superior down & feather products. You'll find a list of "cheaters" also posted there. Remember if the price looks too good to be true... it probably is!!

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This document was researched and prepared by Irene Turnbull to provide credible and useful information for interested homeowners. It reflects the best efforts of the author to do so and any perceived slights of specific people, organizations or products are unintentional.