Monday, March 21st -

Is International Colour Day!!!

I love colour as you can see from my garden!!!

So naturally I think it's a great idea to acknowledge & celebrate one of the greatest gifts of nature and most impactful influence on human well-being & happiness…

There’s no co-incidence that the Spring Equinox – that the day when globally day & night reach their closest point in balance between light & dark, is the day that was chosen by the International Colour Association to honour colour.

As someone who’s work depends on a deep understanding of colour and how our lives are influenced by its presence, I’m happy to join in the sharing some of what I have learned about colour with you… It’s simple really - once you understand how we experience colour!

One of nature’s most delightful gifts for me, is the experience of dusk enveloping as I sit on my garden deck in summer. It’s here that I truly become a participating witness to the magical and life-sustaining significance that light plays in our lives…

In these soft moments of transition as the sun sets and our brilliant day of summer colour fades through various silhouettes of black & white - we’re offered a wonderful opportunity to appreciate the role that light & colour play in the balance of life itself…

We experience life as a delicate equilibrium between opposing yet complimentary energies. The gradual shift from the bright defined green leaves of foliage & eye-catching colour of garden florals to the undefined edges of darkness is a perfect way to appreciate the role of contrast in our lives.

Once we understand the relationship of light & colour and how our perception of this experience impacts our feelings, we can surround ourselves with a bounty of light inspired hues that lift our spirits and infuse our homes and our lives with joy.

So, on this wonderful day of colour appreciation - I invite you to put the “u” in colour – to make it your own source of personal joy - and to help you do so, I'm offering my gift to help you find your way to colour success…

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Happy International Colour Day....

and may you always enjoy the comfort of soul nourishing colour in your life!!