Houzz Announces.. .

Best Of Houzz 2016 Winners

'I'm extremely grateful to be among those chosen Best of Houzz 2016',

...says Irene Turnbull.

'Capturing awards is always 'a bit of extra icing on the cake' in a field where more often than you might think, the real talent and know-how for delivering great long-lasting results in this very competitive interior design, renovation & decorating industry is all too often hidden well below the surface.'

Irene is quick to point out that while this marketing badge is designed to be visibly worn by individuals on their respective personal & corporate public profiles - she considers it a shared accomplishment which could only be achieved with the co-operation of the team of local experts whose unique skills & craftsmanship she continues to surround herself with.

She's also quick to add, that the trust, confidence and patience that her many clients over the past 27 years have put in her talents & abilities, continues to be her inspiration.

You can read more about the award and it's significance at: Best of Houzz

and click here to Meet Irene...