New Lowell, , Ontario

Small Home Revival

This renovation is definitely one of my favourite projects for a number of reasons.

It began, at our recommendation, with our clients undertaking a careful assessment to determine the value of their property as it existed compared with either selling and moving to a new location or investing in their present home to make it their own. The decision weighed heavily on staying put and and renovating. This is a process we encourage all of our clients in a similar position to embark on and it often ends up with the decision to simply move on. Not in this case however... and that's where Turnbull Interiors came in..

It required skillful planning to reorganize the 800 sq. ft. main floor of this side split home to allow the owners and their two small children to function with daily ease while providing open and roomy space for them to entertain their close network of family and friends.

Basically the space was redefined by removing existing walls that boxed it into small disconnected sectors, and reorganizing the layout to provide a more functional open concept plan that supported this family's daily living patterns. This required collaboration with structural professionals to ensure all design and specified construction solutions met with and were approved according to Building Code.

While the original layout had only one main entrance which was inaccessible from the garage into the home, the new footprint introduced a second practical family entrance through a newly created mudroom which was achieved by taking a bit of floor space from the large adjacent garage. The mud room was key in the design concept because it allowed free flow from the car to the house, kept the daily clutter of coats, boots and of course growing children's "stuff" all hidden away, thus keeping the main entrance "visitor friendly"..

In the shuffle of space, basically the living room area became the dining room; the dining room the kitchen; and the kitchen became the living room area. The old kitchen window was replaced with a large bay window allowing a panoramic view of the large backyard, which was a big part of the decision for this family to "stay put"..

Every inch counted in the design of this kitchen, it took a committed and skilled team including the contractor & kitchen fabricator to make sure we succeeded.

We introduced proper lighting which when combined with the impact of natural light contributed to an overall feeling of spaciousness in the same square footage that had previously felt constrained.

I loved working on this project... and what's most important - our clients are happy and feel great in their space.