Lagoon City, Ramara, Ontario,

Small Space Perfection for Easy Condo Living

There's no mistaking the new energy felt in this home as a result of its recent 2016 summer renovation make-over.. But what I'm most proud of is the joy that it brings to its owners.

Nestled in a unique waterfront community on the shores of Lake Simcoe, Ontario - this well-planned interior maintains a feeling of spaciousness within a somewhat limiting structured 1500 sq. tt. two story condo. With a little vision and some hard work, what was once a rather "tired" home now serves to support its owners by engaging the principles of good design - marrying function with their personal style.

Its success is found in the clever use of space, great workmanship, finishing detail, and the spirit of cooperation and commitment among designer, trades & homeowners. The choice of finishing materials, from the engineered quartz countertops backsplashes and fireplace hearth, to the use of quality porcelain tiles on bath surrounds & entranceway and the laminate flooring used throughout, have been selected with a view to high quality serviceability as well as looks - with particular emphasis on their seamless integration including the use of clever millwork skills.

Scaling down is difficult at the best of times but redefining your daily routine to coordinate two large homes into one much smaller space can be daunting.

While this kitchen is small, it's absolutely functional. Designed to serve with efficiency as well as aesthetically, it combines easy access wall ovens, and countertops, useful pullout soft close drawers in place of awkward to access cupboards wherever possible. Every inch of space is used to deliver service - from hidden touch-open drawers & closets under the stairs; a closet turned into pantry; and a second-floor laundry room that doubles as a coffee bar kitchenette.

The homeowners are truly free to enjoy their busy retirement lifestyle in beautiful surroundings both inside & outside. This home is one that simply makes you smile.