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We live in the most fascinating and paradoxical of times. We’re bombarded as never before, with technology that’s supposed to simply our lives, yet we have less and less of the very commodity we all struggle for more of...TIME.

We’re surrounded with an abundance of choice that seems to have no limits, yet we’re more confused than ever when it comes to making value based purchasing decisions.

We have unprecedented access to information literally at our fingertips, yet we’re constantly the victims of marketing mastery paying too much for too little over and over again often without even realizing the impact that sophisticated selling strategies have on us.

As an interior designer/decorator/project manager - when it comes to my work and credibility, I can’t afford to be uneducated. My clients depend upon me to research product and to make recommendations based on real knowledge not marketing hype. Keeping up in our fast paced global economy takes commitment and dedication and I may say from experience – it’s a lifelong never-ending part of being a professional.

Yes it takes immeasurable time & energy to get the real facts, even when you have “an inside industry track”, but what manifests when you combine knowledge with experience is most often called “wisdom”.... And this I believe, is worth sharing. That’s why I write....

I do hope you will find my books and articles interesting & helpful...they are intended to help take the mystery out of the marketplace so that you can make choices that support you and ensure “YOU FEEL GREAT IN YOUR HOME”.




Irene harnesses the power of knowledge & experience to provide the wisdom you need to make great interior choices.

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