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For many years, I've observed very closely, the struggle that people have choosing the “right” things for their home – the difficulties of husbands and wives and children all trying to feel comfortable under one roof. There can be a range of experience from excitement and joy to pain and anguish, as families strive for harmony with their choices.

I’ve watched as people try to follow trends and influences of fashion and the current design gurus; yet, despite tireless effort and in many cases, costly investments, they have been left with an “empty” and often disappointing feeling inside. Perhaps you can relate to some of these experiences.

Beyond Fads…To the Heart of the Matter

The truth is the Secret of great interior design and decorating is far beyond the glamour of the latest marketplace trend.

In this little e-book, I challenge you to think about your relationship with your home in a different way. I want to reconnect you with your space, by helping you to understand it in a far more personal and intimate way, so you can enjoy a lifetime love affair with your home.