Colour Sense-abilities

The Secret To Understanding Colour

' Just a note to say that your book on colour is excellent.
From an artist’s point of view I don’t think I have read a more concise book on the subject.
I will recommend this book to my students as well, Many thanks.'
Dave Beckett PSA, PSC Marchmount Ontario

If the challenge of getting colours right is giving you a big headache then you have uncovered the first important clue to finding a solution to your colour problems.

The secret to understanding our likes and dislikes has more to do with how our brains function and connect us to the world of emotion and feelings than simply picking colour schemes from a paint chip.

In my newly released ebook, Colour Sense-abilities, Decorating Mysteries Revealed, I draw on years of study and experience to offer, in simple easy to understand language, a comprehensive review of how people really perceive colour and its impact on our life with sound recommendations for applying this knowledge, so that you can be truly happy in your home.

“Contrary to a sometimes too popular belief, there is no ‘decorating book of magic’ or ‘one size fits all solution’, in this complicated world of consumer choice. For many, the degree to which you are satisfied with your home’s interior remains a bit of a game of chance especially when it comes to colour choice.”

Under the popular system of choice, there is no guarantee that even though the results might be visually pleasing and technically well thought out, that you will actually be happy with your choices, and the risk gets even higher that you won’t when it comes to colour. Understanding why can make a huge difference in your happiness quotient.