17 Things to Know...

Welcome....and thanks for joining me...

Chances are if you’re reading this book, you or someone close to you, has some kind of home improvement project in mind!

Maybe it’s a specific room; a replacement floor; a major addition; a bathroom or kitchen remodel; or maybe you’re simply feeling the need for a home “pick- me-up”... a little bit of an energy boost – a “feel good” decorating update; or to use current media jargon, a makeover!

Whatever the nature of your home’s needs, large or small; specific or undecided; you’ve come to the right place to get started.

Here’s why....

Quite frankly, when it comes to shopping for solutions to our interior decorating problems, the marketplace has become as much a source of frustration as it has a utopia of choice. The very nature of the selection process and its abundance of choice have become a true paradox. On one hand we have more choice than ever but in reality, we’ve long past the “tipping point” where abundance has become excess!! Which brings us to the greatest challenge facing consumers today!!

How to make “right choices” in a marketplace of “choice overload” and camouflaged expertise.

To be clear, this is not a book about decorating or design ideas.

This book will show you how to navigate your way to success through the bewildering and confusing world of amazing creativity and risk of “interior design, decorating and renovation – which is where I live.

I’m here to help you understand how good choices are made, and point you in the right direction for finding the support you need to make satisfying decisions to make your project – large or small a huge success.