Interior Decorating Designer Fabrics & Trims

Sourcing from a global network, we offer you a truly impressive array of options in fabrics; trims and fancy accessories to tailor-make your draperies, upholstery and home fashions.

We understand fabrics and are educated in their use, which permits us to advise you wisely and maximize design potential. Most importantly, we ensure that you select the right fabrics to provide long-lasting performance as well as aesthetics, based on certified industry technical standards for suitability of use.

And now, we're extremely proud to offer our own line of custom home fashion fabrics and decorator products.

Featuring the unique original art of Wm. Turnbull, we have found a way to bring fine art home to be enjoyed in multiple ways.

Custom Pillows by Turnbull Interiors featuring the original art of Wm.Turnbull