Custom Interior Decorating Solutions

CUSTOM! Few words are as misunderstood and misrepresented! Special order and custom are not synonymous! Custom or more formally “bespoke”, means that an item is individually made to precise specifications to fit a unique and specific application.

From conceptual visions to manifesting your dreams, the Turnbull Interiors' custom process ensures you'll feel good in your space. More than anything else, we care about pleasing you.

We combine a unique team of skilled craftspeople to shape our clients' spaces to reflect your individuality by designing and creating high quality finished home furnishings tailored specifically to your needs, likes and of course budget.

25 years of hands-on design & fabrication excellence in our own drapery & upholstery workrooms, combined with our off-site skilled allied craftspeople, has clearly established the Turnbull name as the leader in home furnishing design and creative excellence.

We are creative and innovative, always looking for new ways to thrill our clients.

Our accredited skills-training & expertise includes:

Let’s face it – today we’re all overwhelmed by product choice everywhere we go and we’ve long past the tipping point where abundance has become excess.

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Our design capability and workmanship is superior because we’re educated and skilled in tailoring, fashion design, pattern drafting, pattern matching, upho

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In recent years glass has taken on a new architectural role, moving from its usual use in windows, and doors to becoming more integral part.

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Our cabinetry and furniture designs always respect the architectural integrity of the space where they will be displayed. .

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