Window Treatments, Interior Decoration, Upholstery

We make magic by converting fabric into wonderful finished window curtains, draperies, bedspreads, decorative pillows, and home fashions.

Our design capability and workmanship is superior because we’re educated and skilled in tailoring, fashion design, pattern drafting, pattern matching, upholstery and furniture making as well as interior decorating and design.

You will love our work because...

Each design is made individually for you according to your tastes and budget. We control and monitor the entire process from conceptual planning to final execution.

You’ll know the difference……

Our attention to creative detail together with the quality of our finishing have become our hallmark of excellence.

To create fabulous home fashions the decorator must understand the principles of design and construction and have sufficient fabric knowledge.

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Your furniture is an investment in your personal comfort and lifestyle. Wisely chosen, your furniture will outlive your car, your high tech entertainment

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